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    Improve helps companies improve their people, teams, and business growth using a unique methodology combining improv comedy, business frameworks, behavioral psychology, and other research-backed techniques, for an effective and fun experience!


    Improve was created by Mary Lemmer, an entrepreneur, recovering venture capitalist, and improv comedian. Mary created IMPROVE as a way to help leaders develop and grow critical leadership skills and to help companies innovate and solve business challenges, in a fun, engaging, and effective way. We have worked with some of the most impactful companies and created a more effective and fun method for solving complex business problems.

  • We help leaders, teams, and companies improve.


  • What our clients say

    Mary has successfully translated Improv Theater to a business context … it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s compelling and everyone she teaches comes away as a better, more confident, more focused presenter.


    — Rich Sheridan, Founder & CEO, Menlo Innovations, and Author of Joy, Inc

    Whilst being hilariously funny, it also forced us to operate outside our comfort zones, and get us to know each other's personalities far better. We operate a distributed team across four countries, so this was a great way to bring everyone closer, make us think on our feet and have a bit of fun!


    — Simon Turner, President & Co-Founder of Myagi

  • Creator, Mary Lemmer

    Entrepreneur, recovering venture capitalist, and improv comedian, Mary created IMPROVE to help leaders, teams, and companies improve, while having fun and laughing :)


    Watch Mary's TED talk, below, and click here to learn more about Mary.

    How Improv Can Improve Your Leadership and Life

    In business and life, your ability to adapt to change, build trust, communicate clearly, and handle uncertainty are essential skills to succeed. In this talk, entrepreneur Mary Lemmer contends that there is no 'right way' to start a company and shares tried and true improv lessons that can also be applied to leadership and life.

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