• What we do

    We create and facilitate programs and experiences designed specifically for leaders, teams, and companies that want to improve.


    If you want to stay the same, we're not the place for you.

    If you want to grow, get better, improve, come to us!

  • Our Methodology

    Our methodology was created by Mary, inspired by her work as an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, working with fast-growing and multi-billion dollar companies, and training at famous improv theaters including The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade.


    Our process combines improv comedy, business frameworks such as customer discovery, nonviolent communication, behavioral psychology, other research-backed and performance techniques, and over a decade of experience.


    We use this to improve some of the most critical business challenges, including --



    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


    Team Effectiveness & Culture

    Sales & Fundraising

    Performance Feedback


    Agile Product Development

    Reducing Harassment & Discrimination
    We work with leaders and teams that want to improve, including entrepreneurs and accelerators, fast-growing startup teams, executive teams, management, corporate teams, nonprofits, and top universities. Our methodology has helped entrepreneurs improve their pitch, young managers improve their leadership skills, companies address communication challenges, companies mitigate potential lawsuits, companies improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, teams bring people together to build trust, leaders to create positive business culture,
    and more!


    Every engagement is unique and customized to your team.


    Contact us to learn more and set up a time to chat with us about your team's needs.

  • Core Skills

    Our training develops and strengthens these core leadership and team skills..


    Decision Making

    Emotional Intelligence

    Handling Uncertainty

    Creativity, Empathy



    Active Listening


    Difficult Conversations

    Team Effectiveness


    Team Building

    Quick Thinking


  • FAQs

    There are a lot of shy/introverted/quiet people on our team. Will they like this?

    YES! This is a very commonly asked question (hence why it’s on the FAQ page :)

    First, we have done sessions including thousands of “shy/introverted/quiet” people and they love it! Think about it this way, it’s a chance for someone who has been pegged as a “shy/introverted/quiet” character to get an opportunity to play a new character. To see what it feels like to be outgoing, extroverted, and loud. It’s fun!

    Improv seems fun, but will it actually help us improve our business?

    YES! Improv is fun, and it will help improve your business. We like to think of it like M&Ms with vitamins in them. They taste really good AND they’re good for you! There has been lots of research done on the benefits of improv for teams and companies. We’ve seen it first hand. Our trainings improve communication, resiliency, ability to adapt, self-awareness, collaboration, listening skills, and more.

    I’m not sure if you can help us with our challenges. Can I talk to you and share what we’re going through to see if you can help?

    Yes! Please contact us and set up a phone call. We have created custom solutions and may be able to help improve your challenges, even if it’s not something you see discussed on our website.

    I have another question.

    That's not a question, technically :) We love answering questions. Please contact us with your question and we’ll say “yes, and” respond as soon as possible.